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Cape Coral Police warn against stunts like game of UNO in viral Tik-Tok video

Cape Coral men go viral playing UNO in traffic
Posted at 11:07 PM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-28 08:33:33-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Cape Coral traffic is the subject of the latest viral phenomenon.

A Tik Tok video has gone national showing three men demonstrating just how long the city's traffic lights can be, saying they played an entire game of Uno while waiting at a red light on Del Prado Boulevard and Pine Island Road.

The viral video has grabbed the attention of millions.

Dylan Kjos recorded the entire ordeal and says they would have never imagined having such an overwhelming response.

“It literally blew up overnight...I had maybe one thousand followers and within two days it went up to 24 thousand followers and nine million views, ” said Dylan Kjos.

The group of men say they now plan to do more funny videos showcasing real-life problems.

“We might just go with it and make more fun videos...we can do something good with it then we will definitely take that chance, ” said Paxten Sester.

Thousands of people have reacted positively to the post on social media, but the Cape Coral police department has taken a different stance.

“Who doesn’t love a good game of UNO, but doing it on a turn lane on a major road like that…very dangerous, ” said Patrick O’Grady.

“You are putting your own life and the lives of others in danger,” said O’Grady.

The guys noted the danger in stunts like this.

“We tried to do it as safe as we possibly could. The whole time while they were out there I was watching traffic, the cars behind me were stopped, I was making sure there was no movement and if anything was to happen I would blow the horn to make sure they got out of the way, ” said Dylan Kjos.

The Cape Coral Police Department says that even with safety precautions, this is never a good idea and if caught, these men could receive a citation.

“The second the light turns green, they’re now obstructing traffic,” said Patrick O’Grady.

The group says their mission is to spread laughs and positivity, and never to put anyone in danger.