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Cape Coral man claims he became a millionaire by investing in Bitcoin

Posted at 7:15 PM, Jan 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-17 19:43:58-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla., - A Cape Coral man claims he went from rags to riches by investing in Bitcoin. 

Dylan Fine is 24 years old and a recent college graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University. 

He recalls being broke and homeless for 6 months after graduating college with $33,000 in debt.

“I had a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The windows didn’t work. My AC didn’t work. I had to open my door just to get food out of the drive through,” Fine said.

But he says everything changed when a friend introduced him to Bitcoin 2 years ago.

“I would sit there and watch him play on his phone. An hour and a half would go by, he made $200. Four hours would go by, he made $700.”

Before long, Fine sold his Xbox and other belongings to invest his first $350 in the coin.

3 months later, Fine says the $350 turned into $12,000. A year later, the $12,000 turned into 6 figures, becoming a millionaire at 24 years old.

“I can put in a trade, wait a few hours, let the exchange rate fluctuate and I’m able to profit from the world’s largest financial market in the world,” Fine said.

But can anyone make this much money just by playing on their phone?

Founder of Bitcoiners of Southwest Florida Rob Johnson says ‘absolutely’.

But it’s no guarantee. Johnson says the market is volatile like the stock market and with numbers Wednesday showing a dip in Bitcoin, the club’s Education Director Clifford Mitchem says the most important rule when it comes to investing in Bitcoin or anything else is, “Don’t use money that you need. If you invest your rent money and crypto goes down, you are taking a loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.”

Bitcoin is a form of crypto currency, or online currency that isn’t tied to any bank or national treasury. This means there are no transaction fees. They’re stored online and they can be used to pay other people anonymously.  

Mitchem says anyone interested in Bitcoin can get started here.

For more information on Bitcoiners of Southwest Florida, visit their website.

For more information on Dylan Fine's organization Wealth Clvb, visit their website