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Cape Coral looks for ways to pick up trash faster

Posted at 7:12 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 19:12:47-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — The City Council’s looking into options to make bulk trash pick-ups faster in Cape Coral.

They listened to a proposed plan at the Committee of the Whole meeting Monday that would set a deadline for residents and Waste Pro.

Tenants and homeowners currently have 10 days to make sure their bulk trash is in compliance with city requirements. The plan would shorten that window to 48 hours. But as of now there’s no clear definition of “compliance.” The proposal also suggested defining standards for residents.

20-year-resident Leah Diver pointed out there’s no required deadline for Waste Pro to pick up that bulk trash, either.

“Then you’re going to schedule in for Waste Pro to maybe get around to it,” she said.

She said she’s been looking at a pile of furniture and flat screens in her neighbors lawn for three weeks now. She agrees with the proposed plan to shorten the compliance window and set a pickup deadline for Waste Pro.

“What about he people who are cleaning and don’t have mass pick-ups and don’t have issues? We have to drive by it. We have to walk by it. It needs to be shortened. It needs to be quick and precise. That’s it,” she said.

The proposal would also require Waste Pro to pick up the trash one day after that deadline…even if the trash doesn’t meet standards. Instead, Waste Pro would charge a fee for picking up non-compliant trash.

After hearing complaints from people living in Cape Coral, Mayor Joe Coviello told Fox 4 recently he’s ready to make some changes.

“It’s been a problem for a while. I’m tired of hearing about it. I think most the council is tired of hearing about it. We need to do something about it,” he said.

Chad Dover said the sacrifice is worth it, even if it means residents will have less time to meet standards.

“We’re going to get trash cleaned up a lot quicker, but it’s going to make us do things faster,” he said.

Jorge Perez said he already pays for trash pickup. So, he doesn’t want to have to pay an additional amount for bulk, too.

“Any little bit hurts the pocket,” he said. “I believe it all depends on how big the disposal charge is. I don’t think it would be fair either.”

But Diver said if it means she doesn’t have to stare at all the trash, the fine is justified.

“If they miss that deadline, then yes, it would be their responsibility to pay a fine for it,” she said.