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CAPE CORAL | Internet outage continues to cause headache for some residents

Fiber cut
Posted at 4:38 PM, Nov 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-08 11:22:20-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Parts of Cape Coral are going through an internet outage and some residents are frustrated because they said it's an issue that continues to happen.

"We're just sitting here [wondering] when is it coming back, when is it coming back," said Barbra Wilkin.

Wilkin said she is tired of the internet constantly going out in her Sandoval community, something she told Fox 4's Briana Brownlee happens almost every week.

"They say the cable is broken, the cable is broken…why," Wilkin asked.

A spokesperson with CenturyLink said crews working on a sewer tap on El Dorado Boulevard hit the fiber line and cut off service.

Fiber cut

"Where are the people they suppose to call before they dig," Wilkin asked.

"The thing they need to control is to make sure that network is working on Saturday and Sunday when football games are on, because if that's not going to happen we are going to have real problem," Jerry Hogan laughed.

Hogan also lives in the Sandoval neighborhood and said anytime the internet goes out, he also loses T.V. because Sandoval doesn't offer cable.

That means no Georgia Bulldogs football or any of the other things he has to take care of.

"I pay all my bills online," Hogan said. "So there's times it's gone out and I'm thinking, I hope it comes up pretty soon."

Jerry Hogan speaks with FOX 4

The residents in the Sandoval Community aren't the only ones feeling the impact, Oasis Elementary sent out a text to parents Tuesday morning letting them know they are also without internet access.

As for the people in the Sandoval community, they said it can be frustrating, but hey it's out of their control.

"With the growth going on in Cape Coral and lot of construction, we get this from time to time," Hogan said.

The latest update we got from CenturyLink is the old pipe where the wire was damaged was located. As for the timeline for the internet to be back up, they say hopefully soon.