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Cape Coral considering fining Waste Pro

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jun 25, 2018

CAPE CORAL, Fla., -- The City of Cape Coral is considering fining Waste Pro after nearly a year of complaints that the company isn't completing their service. 4 in your corner first broke the story in early June and is now pushing officials for answers. 

"We have to give them opportunity to fix the problem," said Councilwoman Jennifer Nelson.

Neighbors say it's been problems ranging from lack of pickups, leaving trash out and mixing both trash and recycling together in the pickup trucks.  

The City admitted to a spike in complaints today. They said in statement: 

"The contract with Waste Pro has been in effect since 2010.  When you ask why we have not issued fines in the past, it’s because the situation has not been at a point where fines may need to be considered. 
For the first seven years, there were minimal issues with the performance of Waste Pro.  The complaints seemed to tick up about a year ago.  They got a little better, and then we had the hurricane and more complaints, then they got a little better again.  But in the past few months, the complaints have escalated.  That is why we may need to consider fines now. 
Again, Waste Pro should be addressing their service issues. "
Waste Pro, on the other hand, says they are looking "forward to resolving these issues." 
4 in your corner requested an interview with Waste Pro. We were told they would only give written statements and declined any interviews.