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Cape Coral business pushes for speed bumps to slow drivers down in alleyway

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jun 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-19 20:22:57-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla -- We all know speeding can be a huge problem no matter where you are - and one cape coral business is saying their speeding issue keeps getting worse. The manager of Trebing Tile & Carpet carpet right off Del Prado Boulevard, Julia Miller, says she’s worried about her employees and customers walking across the street.

Manager Julia Miller says since the city paved the alleyway last year, people have been speeding constantly down the alley that’s normally used for drop-offs for businesses, but she says people use it as a through street.

"There’s no stop sign, so I’m really concerned for people and something might happen and it’s dangerous," Miller said.

In an effort to be proactive, Julia went to the city of Cape Coral to ask if she could put a speed bump in the road to slow down the drivers. Miller says she even offered to pay for the speed bump in order to make the speeding stop.

"We’ll pay for them we offered that we would take care of that and we’re concerned about our safety," Miller said.

The City followed up with Miller and told her: "Speed bumps are not permitted on public roadways per the Florida Green Book. This includes speed bumps in an alleyway. Please note, the City is required to follow the criteria set forth in the Florida Green Book. These requirements follow recognized national standards to ensure consistency and reduce liability.”

That's why you won't see speed bumps on any public roads in Cape Coral. The only existing speed bump is near the Cape Coral Yacht Club, on a privately owned road.

Julia took matters into her own hands to remind drivers to slow down, two turtles with flags in their hands with the word "slow" written on it.

"I bought these two little green guys on Amazon and put them out and filled them with water so they don’t fall over," Miller said. She says over the past few days, it’s seemed to work. "So I think it has created a little bit of awareness."

The city did tell Fox 4 that devices such as speed bumps require a traffic calming policy prior to installation and the city does not have that policy. The city says A traffic calming policy provides for a process and criteria for the evaluation of purposed traffic calming measures and devices. City officials urge anyone who is having an issue with traffic to call the Cape Coral Police Department.