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Bystanders receive award for saving Bonita man's life

Posted at 12:48 AM, Jan 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-09 11:07:02-05

Ron Katz feels lucky to be alive. Monday at a Fire District meeting in Bonita Springs, he met the people who are responsible for him being alive all together for the first time. It was only a few short months ago that he nearly lost his life. 

It was September 1st when Katz had a brush with death. While playing tennis with a friend, he suddenly collapsed. He was unresponsive as bystanders worked tirelessly to revive him until emergency personnel arrived on scene. 

Monday night in Bonita Springs, those bystanders and first responders all came together for the first time since the incident. 

One of those bystanders was Jonathan Hernandez. He's a personal trainer at the Palmira Fitness Club where Katz was playing tennis that day. He helped operate the defibrillator that helped save Katz's life. 

"In my head I was thinking, 'Wow this is really happening'." 

That's what Hernandez came to mind when he first saw the scene on the tennis court when Katz collapsed. 

Hernandez was finishing up with a client when it happened. While he's being honored today, he says he's just happy he was able to help. 

"For me, the big payoff is he's here today."