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Bonita Springs City Council puts off medical marijuana decision

Posted at 7:41 AM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 07:41:41-05

"The long distance I just can't drive the long distance"

Nick Garulay is the CEO and founder of Medicinal Marijuana Certification Centers in Fort Myers.

Some people were shocked when the mayor seemed to mock the life changing drug by referring to it as candy. When in fact the drug is legal in pill, vape, oil and liquid form.

People in Bonita Springs put pressure on the City Council to officially lift the ban that has kept medical marijuana dispensaries out of the city for almost a year now.

David Welch from Bonita Springs has been dealing with chronic pain everyday for 17 years since he got hit by a car.
"I got nerve pain bulging discs pinch nerve arthritis...My back my leg it's miserable"
His only solution has been using opioids, but now there's a new answer to relieving his pain, medical marijuana.
However, the closest dispensary is  far out of his reach. It's located in North Fort Myers.

Council members said they need more time to do research on medical marijuana dispensaries because for the past year. They were waiting for the state legislature to decide what to do.

As the council takes a few weeks to decide what to do going forward, many residents pleaded to lift the ban that expires in march.
The council will make their final decision on March 21, 2018.