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Bonita residents finally get answers with downed Comcast wire

Posted at 10:47 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 22:47:42-04

It's been nearly two months since Hurricane Irma roared through David French's Bonita Springs neighborhood.

"This is how low that line is."

A wire belonging to Comcast has been drooping over East El Dorado Avenue ever since the storm toppled a Ficus tree on to it.

"If a fire or a medical emergency happened in this neighborhood, no one would be able to get down this road."

French says garbage trucks already turn away when they see a yellow vest tied around the line warning drivers of the low clearance.

"I have been taking my neighbors garbage and putting it into my front yard, allowing the recyclers and garbage people to pick up on this side."

Those days of storing people's trash in his front yard may be over.
Even though Comcast gave David the run around for the past several weeks, Fox 4 spoke with someone from the cable giant.

Shortly after we arrived at David's house, two repair men showed up to fix the line.

"This is the most unusual response I've ever, ever seen I'm absolutely elated, it's helping everybody out in this neighborhood."

A spokesperson with Comcast told Fox-4 they regret the situation with this downed line has lasted as long as it has.