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Bonita council members searching for flood prevention solutions

Posted at 11:00 PM, Nov 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-08 23:00:13-05

The city of Bonita Springs hired a engineering firm to help implement flood improvement efforts.

The city has been ravaged by flooding before and after Hurricane Irma.  Heavy rains have caused the Imperial River to flood its banks.

Marty Mack lives right near the river at Quinn and Dean Streets, which was hit hard after Irma.

“I came back during high water, we walked around here for weeks until the water went down, we thought the water would never go down."

Jim Beever, with the Southwest Florida Planning Council was hired on to help come up with short and long term solutions.

He says part of the flooding problem on the Imperial is caused by builders.

"It's not normal, it's that way because of things humans have done in the past, changing the watershed, blocking flows, building canals, redirecting the water that should be going in other places."

Beever says removing debris from all streams and rivers is a short term solution.

Longer term options would be to redirect water away from Bonita Springs and build a storm water treatment facility to capture water.

"I want to point out, it's a flood reduction, not a flood elimination program," said Beever.

City Council could vote on the final plan by the end of the year.