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Biker gang concerns in Cape Coral amid fight at Dixie Roadhouse

Motorcycle gang concerns in SWFL
Posted at 6:33 PM, Dec 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-20 18:36:04-05

Cape Coral, Fla.-- A 40-person brawl outside of Dixie Roadhouse is causing motorcycle gang concerns in the area.

Police reports say 13 officers were needed to break up the fight. The report also mentions several biker gangs were involved. The Outlaws and the Eternals.

We asked several people in the area if they knew there were ‘biker gangs’ in SWFL.

"I’m sure biker gangs exist, I didn’t know they existed in Cape Coral, Florida,” said Patrick Monahan, who lives in Cape Coral.

"As far as gangs, I know there’s a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts here, but I’ve never heard of motorcycle gangs here,” said Denise Ahlstrom, who also lives in Cape Coral.

We decided to talk to a local biker to get his take on it. Thomas McKeen, is the President of Rebel Riders Riding Club, a club that gives back to local charities.

He says he has no affiliation with the Outlaws or Eternals.

"I have no club affiliation other than my club, does that mean I look down on them? No they’re good people. There’s a lot of different clubs in the area, there are no gangs,” McKeen said.

McKeen said he feels like the two motorcycle clubs are being profiled because of the patches and the colors they wear.

"Gangs, that’s old days, This is apart of me, this is my personality this is who I am,” he said.

We reached out to the Cape Coral Police Department for comment about the incident at Dixie Roadhouse and possible gang involvement, but they told us they could not speak on the matter.

Dixie Roadhouse can no longer serve beer after 2 AM following the incident, but the bar can appeal the Police Department decision.