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Band tournament comes to Lehigh

Posted at 11:02 PM, Oct 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 07:31:24-04

Lehigh high school hosted the 9th annual Lightning Tournament of Bands. 18 schools competed against each other to raise money for high school band programs. The tournament is held every fall.  

Each team was allotted a seven-minute window to show off their musical talent. According to Daniel Perez, a color guard director, the students have been practicing "since August. Some even before."

Students, teachers, and family members traveled from across the state to participate in the tournament. Students like Othon Barrueta say that the event "brings joy and happiness". He's been a participant for four years. 

Schools raised money throughout the summer to fund their bands. The Florida school district did not financially support the tournament. 

The Lightning Tournament of Bands will be held next year.