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Attempted car burglary caught on camera

Posted at 10:20 PM, Mar 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-30 22:20:23-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. —A neighbor's Ring video captured a car burglary attempt in Northwest Cape Coral early Saturday morning after thieves allegedly burglarized cars several times in the neighborhood.

The video showed two people walking up to a car parked in a driveway on Northwest 16th Place. then pulling on the car door handle. Even though there are cameras and a security light on the house, they still attempt to break into the car. When they realized it’s locked, they walked away.

But, the house across the street wasn’t so lucky. Allegedly. thieves stole from the car that’s usually parked in the driveway three times within the last few months. The people who live there said hundreds of dollars were stolen each time. And most recently, they said on Tuesday an entire purse was stolen. It’s unclear whether the doors were locked or unlocked.

Nicole Hale lives on the next block over from the car that was broken into. A car on her block was broken into, too on February 22nd. She said car break-ins are unusual for this neighborhood until now.

“There’s not too many that goes on out here. We live in the middle of nowhere,” she said.

She advises her neighbors to do what they have to do to protect their belongings.

“Crime’s going to happen no matter where you live or what you do. So, take all of your preventative measures,” she said. “Park in the garage if you’re able to. Keep it locked if it’s not in the garage. If you have security systems, use them.”

That’s what neighbors did who caught the attempted burglary on camera. They installed three cameras. as soon as they found out about the car break-ins across the street from their home.

Anyone with information is asked to call Southwest Florida Crimestoppers.