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Anti-Biden flags with profanity going up in the front yards of homes in Cape Coral

Posted at 10:51 PM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 22:52:02-04

CAPE CORAL — Some homeowners in Cape Coral are putting up flags with profanity on them in their front yards.

The flags are specifically criticizing President Joe Biden, and people who support him.

Each of the homeowners we spoke with told us they felt like they were simply expressing their opinion.

Flying high above SW 13th St. in Cape Coral are the words "F-Biden, and F-you for voting for him!"

"I feel the election was stolen, I think the evidence was there to prove it, and right now I’m exercising my right of freedom of speech," said John Strasburger, who just put up his flag four days ago.

And Strasburger said, the flag wasn’t hard to get.

"Amazon, it’s like $17. You can have it the next day," said Strasburger.

Just down the street in the same neighborhood, Tony Paparone has one too.

"I was down in Miami, great place you know, but yeah that’s where I got it," said Paparone.

Paparone said he’s mostly received compliments on the flag, but he did have one neighbor get concerned.

"I talked to the lady, I even said, she said well, it doesn’t really affect me, it’s just the fact that I have small kids and they read it. I’m like well, sorry," said Paparone.

And "sorry" is all Paparone really has to say according to the City of Cape Coral. The City told us “The city’s code does not regulate the content of signs, however, the code does regulate the size and number of signs allowed on private property."

At least one of Strasburger’s neighbors said he's cool with it.

"It’s his property and his opinion, and his right to voice his opinion, and even though it’s more colorful than I would mind, I see that as his right," said Tom White, who lives near Strasburger.

So for now, the flags will keep on flying.

"Freedom of speech. You’re not going to re-write the constitution," said Paparone.

"If there was an ordinance, I would take it down tomorrow, but there’s not, so it’s going to remain up," said Strasburger.