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Allegiant Air cancels some Florida flights

Posted at 9:30 AM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 09:30:54-04

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. -- If you're flying Allegiant, you might want to double check your flight status.  The airline has canceled several flights in Florida and across the country, and even flights next week are affected.

Allegiant says it's getting a new all-Airbus fleet.  But as they're making the transition, a spokesperson tells Fox 4 that some of the delivery dates for those planes are late, straining their resources.

That's why on Thursday, 16 flights coming in and out of Clearwater were canceled, and at the airport in Punta Gorda, two flights were canceled.

The airline says passengers should expect delays up until next week.

We looked into Allegiant's history of flight delays and cancelations.  The Government Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that in Punta Gorda, arriving flights this year have been delayed more than 23% of the time.  Departures have been late more than 17% of the time. Canceled flights for both arrivals and departures range from .4-.6% of the time.

We compared that to some of Allegiant's competitors at the airport.  This same time last year, Frontier's arrivals were delayed less, about 17% of the time. Their departures though, were delayed more often than Allegiant, at over 23% of the time.

When it comes to cancelations, Frontier canceled flights much more often. Cancelations for both coming and going flights span from 3-7% of the time.  At Allegiant, those cancelations happened less than 1%.

Numbers aren't out yet for the month of June, so we don't know if all these flight cancelations will affect Allegiant's data.  But without this incident, it seems your flight isn't too likely to get canceled if you fly the airline.

Allegiant says it will refund or re-accommodate passengers whose flights were canceled. They also say you might have longer security lines while they sort this out.

On Friday, two arriving flights have been canceled coming into Punta Gorda.  Both are Allegiant flights; one from Moline, Illinois and the other from Stewart International Airport in New York.

A full list of cancellations at Punta Gorda can be checked HERE.

You can check the status of Allegiant flights on their website.