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Adopt-a-senior Facebook page aims to honor Collier County class of 2020

Posted at 7:44 PM, Apr 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-27 19:44:39-04

The Coronavirus crisis has altered senior year for the class of 2020 — canceling major events like prom and possibly traditional graduations.

But one Collier County grandmother has found a way to celebrate graduating seniors using social media.

Leona Adkins created the "Adopt A Collier County High School Senior Class of 2020" Facebook group with the idea is to celebrate the class of 2020 in any way possible.

"The community is supporting them, the community understands that they all crossed this milestone, they all achieved a high school graduation," said Adkins.

One of those students is Alyssa Martinez, a senior at Lely High School In Collier County.

"I was really looking forward to all of our banquets, our celebrations, and our class trips, but we weren't able to, unfortunately," said Martinez.

But current Coronavirus restriction changed those plans.

"All the seniors, I think could agree, that we're like why us," said Martinez.

The way it works is parents can post pictures of their child with a brief bio and contact email.

People can then adopt that senior by emailing or messaging the parent directly.

"It doesn't matter is they send a care package, a gift card, an acknowledgment, balloons, flowers, it doesn't matter, we just want to acknowledge them," said Adkins.

Martinez says even small gestures can go a long way during these difficult times, and thanks Adkins for creating this page to celebrate the Collir County class of 2020

"Even just a little card would be fine, anything," said Martinez. "It really felt like we're being appreciated."

More than one person can adopt the same student, but parents need to disclose once a student has already been adopted.

"It's the acknowledgment of that person saying, 'I'm proud of you. I don't know you, I've never met you, I don't know who your parents are, what your background is, but I am so proud of your accomplishments," said Adkins.

Martinez has been adopted, but Adkins says she hopes more people will join to help adopt more graduating seniors.

The only thing Adkins asks is adopters follow through with their commitment once they have adopt a student.

To visit the Facebook group, click here.