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ACT shelter receives over 1,000 bras for domestic violence victims in Fort Myers

Posted at 10:55 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 22:55:55-05

Women donated new or slightly used bras to help victims of domestic violence regain confidence and a sense of dignity.

Support the Girls partnered with Soma - a clothing store -  to donate 1,200 bras to the Abuse Counseling and Treatment - or ACT - shelter in Fort Myers. The women who organized the drive said bras are both the most needed and least donated item.

"A lot of women are keeping their breasts up with belts or duct tape," said Support the Girls founder Dana Marlow. 

Jennifer Benton, the CEO of ACT, runs three shelters with about 100 beds for women in need.

"Many of them have not had a new bra in so many years," Benton said. "Sometimes they come to us without a bra and haven't had one at all."

The bras came in all shapes, styles and colors. The women at the shelter said they were overwhelmed with the selection.

"They can see the kind of style they like, the color they like, and sometimes walk away with 5 or 6 new bras," Marlow said. "The smiles and glow that emit from their faces is unparalleled."

Marlow said donation drives help give the women at the shelter a boost in confidence.

"A bra is dignity, this is a room full of dignity we have here," Marlow said.

Somawill have collection bins at their stores for new or slightly used bras until Feb. 27.