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Act of Kindness: Man buys $100 worth of school supplies for Fort Myers school teacher

Posted at 8:50 PM, Jul 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-12 06:29:10-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- It’s almost time for kids to head back to school, and school supplies will be in high demand, especially if you’re a teacher. Earlier this week, one man took care of that when he surprised a teacher and bought $100 worth of school supplies for her.

First-year kindergarten teacher Breanna Ferrell was on an unplanned shopping trip for school supplies, and once she got in line to pay, a man noticed the number of supplies in her cart.

"As we got a little bit closer and the cashier was there, he said I’m going to pay for everything on there. I was just bewildered and I didn’t know what to say to it," Ferrell said.

His name was Mike, it turns out his mom is a teacher in the area. So he did what any good son would do, and he bought $110 worth of supplies.

"I was still in shock at how amazing a stranger could be to somebody they don’t know, just seeing school supplies and knowing there’s a need there," Ferrell said.

Some teachers would love for this to happen, and to some, this act of kindness pointed out how teachers often have to pay out of their own pockets for school supplies.

"I’ve heard of teachers spending $1,000 or so over the course of a year, probably even more, on classroom supplies for their kids," said Kerr Fazzone with the Teacher's Association of Lee County.

Fazzone says teachers currently get $250 for the entire year to buy supplies, and he says the Florida legislature should have increased the teacher's classroom assistance program fund. "Why should a good Samaritan have to you know to donate money and pay out of their own pocket for the school supplies, when that should come from the state?" Fazzone added.

This week, it was about a man looking out for someone who shapes young minds, and he left his mark on a grateful teacher.

"If this encourages one person to do something kind, whether it’s for a teacher, a student even just opening the door for somebody else just cause they think of it, I’m all for sharing it over and over," Ferrell said.