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A proposal extending school hours for secondary education could affect Lee County.

Posted: 10:51 PM, Feb 20, 2020
Updated: 2020-02-21 14:57:13-05

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Tonight the President of The Lee County Teachers Association is clearing up information regarding extended school day hours for middle and high school students.

“There’s also a proposal at the same time from the district to increase student contact time by 30 minutes at the high school, but 15 minutes at the middle school, and none at the elementary school, and that doesn’t affect the length of time a teacher is at school for a day,” said Kevin Daly.

With this proposal secondary schools would move away from block scheduling.

“Under this proposal they have a choice to move away from block scheduling from 4, 84 minutes classes to about 7, 52 minutes classes per day, so the kids would see all of their teachers, every single day”, said Daly.

Their main concern is how the proposal will affect teachers workflow.

“We’re currently looking at whether or not extending the student day and and perhaps moving away from block scheduling gives a teacher more students per day, and whether or not is cuts down on the planning time a teacher may have at school to do the work. You know to grade the work, and to plan the lessons, to do the things thats teachers need to do in the classroom and ensure student achievement”, said Daly.

Daly says the union is closely working with the district on this proposed idea.

Lee County Schools released a statement saying.

“There are ongoing, complex discussions about adding time to the school day. When there is a change ready to be implemented, it will be thoroughly communicated to our students, parents and staff.” said Rob Spicker Assistant Director, Media Relations & Public Information with the Lee County School District

At this time Daly says that this is just a proposal, and if passed the changes would take affect next school year.