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A.I. IN SWFL | How artificial intelligence is changing the job market

A.I. in Southwest Florida
Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-27 19:29:20-04

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — According to new data, the state of Florida is the 10th most obsessed state when it comes to artificial intelligence.

In Cape Coral, people like Tyler Karol are using AI to create a new business that simplifies the stock market.

“I wake up every morning, click a button, and within five minutes it's in my inbox,” said Karol.

A month ago, using AI Karol launched his online newsletter, RoboRecap.

Using AI to collect daily data, Karol told Fox 4 RoboRecap gives his subscribers the top five most important key points from the daily stock market, housing market,and bond market.

Karol called it a simple solution to what can be a complicated topic.

“There are these newsletters there are a whole bunch of financial newsletters out there but they are all long, they send multiple emails a day this is one email every morning it's quick it takes no more than five minutes to read and it gets me all the information i want,” said Karol.

On Friday, Karol told Fox 4 that AI was the solution he’s been searching for to launch his business.

“AI is really taking it to a new level because any of those problems i've run into in the past are all solved with AI,” said Karol.

Solutions that are being explored on a bigger scale at Florida Gulf Coast University.

“My role is to help the university adopt AI,” said Dr. Chrissann Ruehle.

Dr. Ruehle's doctoral dissertation titled, "Understanding the Complex Ethical Landscape of Artificial Intelligence Adoptions" explores forces shaping the Artificial Intelligence(AI) Industry.

At a first glance, AI can be complicated for many to understand, but Dr. Ruehle's job is to help FGCU not only understand AI but demonstrate how learning skills associated with the technology can help future graduates enter the job market.

“I'm starting to hear from local employers that, that is a unique skill set that they are looking for,” said Dr. Ruehle.

A skill set offered by free AI software programs like ChatGPT.

Dr. Ruehle said staff is also incorporating AI into their own lesson plans.

“When I walked in the classroom I showed them I'm very transparent about it, this is a collaboration between ChatGPT and Dr. Ruehle,” said Dr. Ruehle.

A collaboration with technology to benefit people.

“When I'm not doing my full-time job all my time is going here..building it making it better trying to get people to sign up,” said Karol.

A tool for many, that we are still learning to use.

“You have to develop the skills to learn when it use it and when not to use it,” said Dr. Ruehle.