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A deeper look at the suspects in Sievers murder

Posted at 8:08 AM, Oct 01, 2019

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Mark Sievers is accused of plotting to murder his wife Teresa, but the other two men investigators say were involved are Mark's best friend Curtis Wright, and Jimmy Rodgers.

Rodgers’ trial is starting Tuesday, along with Mark Sievers. But Curtis Wright already took a plea deal.

He accepted a plea deal for his role in the murder, and will serve a 25 year prison sentence. Part of that plea deal requires Wright to testify against the other two suspects during this trial.

According to Teresa's family, Wright and Mark were best friends. He also did IT work at the Sievers’ medical practice. The family tells us Wright even came to Florida to offer condolences after Teresa's death.

Jimmy Rodgers went by the nickname "The Hammer." Lee County deputies say when they went to Missouri to interview Rodgers about the homicide case, he repeatedly interrupted them during the reading of his Miranda rights.

Deputies say when they told him why they were there, Rodgers reportedly responded back "in the state of Missouri that's 15 to 20 years, and I'm okay with that."

Rodgers’ girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker, is expected to testify. Deputies say she told them Rodgers admitted to killing Sievers with a hammer for $10,000.

Documents show Rodgers' girlfriend led detectives to where she says he dumped evidence used in the crime.

And as for Mark Sievers, documents from the State Attorney’s Office shed some light on his marriage to Teresa. He told detectives "he had a good marriage." But later said they "experimented with other partners and swinging."

Mark also wrote in his phone "their marital issues included: talk of divorce, lack of intimacy and Teresa's harsh emotional treatment of Mark."
Records show "Mark has numerous photos, videos and facetime chats on his phone download that show he has had numerous extra marital affairs with multiple women."

Detectives spoke to one close friend who "Teresa confided in that she was looking to divorce Mark.”