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84-year-old Prepares to Caddie QBE Shootout

Posted at 4:43 PM, Dec 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-02 17:49:04-05

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA — His love for golf started when he was 40, thanks to a buddy of his.

"He said, would you like to go play golf," said Carmine Gizzi, "and I said, well I don't know anything about it but let's go see."

And now, Carmine Gizzi is 84 years old, and has made quite a name for himself in Southwest Florida.

His secret?

"I'm not 84 here. That's the secret. It's just mind. If you have a good sound young mind, you can play a young game."

For Carmine, he's done it all on the course.

He's set records and brought a few local trophies home.

And he believes that the secret to golf and to life, are the same.

"That's in life. You know you can't blow up at every little thing. You have to have patients and confidence that things will work out."

But he's also had a chance some of us don't usually get.

Carmine has had the chance to see the pros up close.

And he's been their caddie for the last 7 years at the QBE Shootout in Naples.

"I liked it. You kind of get to be around. You get to see the pros up close; you can watch them. You get to get a better insight."

But as time rolls on, Carmine knows he won't be able to be a part of this tournament forever.

But when that time comes, he knows he'll have the memories to reflect on.

"It's tough to walk away from anything. It was tough for me to quit work. But, that's not as big a problem as this is.