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4/20 has a different meaning for medical marijuana patients

Posted at 10:14 PM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 22:14:22-04

April 20th is a day known around the world for celebrating marijuana, but for many marijuana is more than just about getting high.

Dozens gathered at "Juicelation" in Naples to discuss and share the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

"As a firefighter you deal with past experiences, bad calls and whatever, it didn't really affect me that much, I guess, but something created the stress," said Jack Bills, a retired North Collier Firefighter.

He says he suffered from anxiety and depression and began taking medicinal marijuana.

"I would wake up and I was thinking, all my mind was doing was thinking," said Bills.

Bills went through the company My Florida Green to get a patient referral to a doctor who was able to prescribe him the proper amount of medicinal marijuana.

Founder Nick Garulay says cannabis serves as a natural treatment for ailments ranging from PTSD to cancer.

"I know chemotherapy is a common denominator here with cancer treatment, but THC is coming, and it's been proven to cure cancer."

Jack says he chose medical marijuana because he saw the harm pharmaceutical drugs did to his friends.

"It's very sad that people don't have another avenue other than opiods, or whatever their local community doctor prescribes."

There are several marijuana dispensaries in lee county, there are none in collier county due to a moratorium set to expire this summer unless commissioners vote to extend it.