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18 local SWFL will have the chance to sing the national anthem at JetBlue Park

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Posted at 8:29 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 20:29:53-05

FORT MYERS, Florida — JetBlue park.

Normally known as the spring training site for the Red Sox.

But if you drove by the stadium on Wednesday, you would’ve heard something a little more patriotic.

“You know, I love coming out and showing love to the community, and this is one of the ways that I do, said 18 year old Maude Jules.”

18 spots for 18 home Spring games.

And an opportunity to show your love for the game and your country.

Something Maude Jules, a Florida Gulf Coast Freshman, is looking forward to.

“I know there's so many great and talented singers in Southwest Florida," said Jules. "So, to be one of the 17 would be a huge privilege.”

It’s a chance to show southwest Florida what they’ve got.

Being 15 years old, and getting ready to sing in front of thousands of people, might scare you.

But Caycie said, she's got it under control.

“At first, seeing so many people you're like, oh my God," said Caycie Chitwood. "But I think, I'd be super excited and ready to do this in front of so many people.”

Some came today hoping to kick-start their careers.

Others, are hoping to keep it going.

“All over the U-S," said Briyin Butgereit. "I've done it for the Blue Angles, Thunderbirds, Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, you name it. So, been all over.”

They all came here from different paths.

But they came for the same reasons.

"It's just an opportunity, I love singing, I love being patriotic. So, when I can blend both of them together, and Baseball, it's a win win."