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17 -year-old dead and 3 others seriously injured after deadly crash in rural area of North Port

Teen in stolen car out of Port Charlotte killed in North Port crash
Posted at 11:20 PM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 23:27:53-05

NORTH PORT — A trail of debris remains after this deadly crash in North Port. It happened overnight along Yorkshire Street and Cassava Road. Investigators say four teens in a stolen white Honda out of Port Charlotte smashed into a tree. The 17-year old driver was killed in the crash.

North Port police say the area where the car crashed is very rural.

“It’s just a challenge, you have dozens and dozens of roads that were built by general development 60 years go with no homes on them, no power no street light and its just very difficult to put a large amount of resources out there”, said Josh Taylor, Public Information Officer with the North Port Police Department.

Three other teens were also rushed to the hospital.

At this time investigators do not believe alcohol was involved only that the teens made a bad choice.

“Poor choices to get behind the wheel, poor choices to be in a stolen vehicle at 2:30 in the morning driving in a rural area ,these are choices that people make and unfortunately some people have to live with them,” said Taylor.

One nearby resident says this kind of tragedy is not uncommon.

“People get a little too drunk and get a little too stupid and ruin it for the rest of us and they take away what is pretty much the only way he can hangout,” K.C. Alvarado

Adding it is sad but he hopes this place will remain a spot for many to enjoy.

“It’ll definitely suck if they really start enforcing because this is where we come on weekends, this is where we go riding and it sucks for the people that actually stay put of trouble,” said Alvarado