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120 gang-related arrests made in Operation Triple Beam

Posted at 1:09 PM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-15 16:12:16-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Multiple agencies worked together to reduce gang violence over the last three months, leading to 120 arrests under what they called "Operation Triple Beam."

The operation was designated to target violent fugitives and criminal offenders who they say committed high profile crimes, including homicide, felony assault, sexual assault, illegal possession of firearms, illegal drug distribution, robbery, and arson.

They announced Thursday that during the operation, from May 1 through August 1, 2019, 120 arrests were made. Additionally, they seized 45 firearms, more than $100,000 worth of drugs, and more than $18,000 in cash.

Charges ranged from carrying dangerous drugs to gun possession to assault. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno said even though Operation Triple Beam is over, their work will continue.

“When people are behind bars they can’t commit more crimes. So, every single crime is one too many. And we go all over the county ongoing, everyday,” said Marceno.

U.S. Attorney Amira Fox said the collaborative efforts between agencies on all levels makes it easier to bring people to justice.

“Lee County might have a report of gang activity in one area. Fort Myers might have a report of gang activity in another area,” she said.” “If they’re coordinating, they realize it’s the same gang, and the people are traveling between the two different places.”

The operation was led by the U.S. Marshals Service, along with the Fort Myers Police Department, Lee County Sheriff's Office, Cape Coral Police Deaprtment, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Arrested in the operation were:

Tyrique Allen (Weapon offense)
Abraham Alvarez (Assault)
Thadjarvis Armstrong (Assault)
Cynthia Arocho (Marijuana Possession)
Rudolph Askew (Cocaine- Sell)
Joseph Atkins (Marijuana - Sell)
Eric Bablitz (Cocaine - Possession)
Marshall Barker (Larceny)
Aaron Battle (Weapon Offense)
Diego Benavides-Torres (Cocaine Possession)
Andre Bhola (Sex Assault)
Andrea Binns (Cocaine -Sell)
Shawn Bonamy (Weapon Offense)
Patrick Boston (Dangerous Drugs)
Tony Bouie (Robbery)
Kenny Bronson (Dangerous Drugs)
Jermaine Brown (Weapon Offense)
Michael Burger (Carrying Concealed Weapon)
Aaron Cabil (Dangerous Drugs)
Jason Daum (Dangerous Drugs)
Prince Davis (Cocaine - Possession)
Willie Edison (Weapon Offense)
Dustin Emile (Dangerous Drugs)
Anthony Franklin (Kidnapping)
Davon Freeman (Firing Weapon)
Dwight Gibbons (Conditional Release Violation)
Jarvis Gollman (Cocaine - Sell)
Tavaruis Grant (Assault)
Jordan Graves (Dangerous Drugs)
Hayven Gutierrez (Dangerous Drugs)
Rebecca Habel (Weapon Offense)
Shirley Hall (Cocaine - Sell)
Steven Harold (Failure To Appear/Dangerous Drugs)
Tommie Hayden (Dangerous Drugs)
Dennis Hemingway (Parole Violation/Cocaine - Sell)
Heather Henson (Dangerous Drugs)
Dana Hines (Dangerous Drugs)
Earnest Hutto (Dangerous Drugs)
Mason Hyziak (Dangerous Drugs)
Dolka Jerez (Amphetamine - Manufacture)
Joseph Johnson (Cocaine - Sell)
Corey Jones (Dangerous Drugs)
Isiah Jones (Carrying Concealed Weapon)
Moses Jones (Failure To Appear/Larceny)
Tylaesia Jordan (Dangerous Drugs)
Randy Kerney (Neglect Child)
Brian Lawrence (Cocaine - Possession)
Gerah Leaphart (Cocaine - Sell)
Aajon Lee (Resisting Officer)
Warren Levy (Probation Violation/Resisting Officer)
Priscilla Linares (Cocaine - Possession)
Ginger Little (Marijuana - Sell)
Travis Longhitano (Dangerous Drugs)
Walter Love (Probation Violation/Assault)
Eddie Luster (Carrying Concealed Weapon)
Johnny Luster (Possession of Weapon)
Jilian Lutsky (Cocaine - Sell)
Kenneth Lynch (Marijuana)
Billy Mansfield (Cocaine - Possession)
Isaac Marion (Aggravated Assault - Gun)
Cylis Martin (Dangerous Drugs)
Kevin Martin (Larceny)
Anthony Masters (Cocaine - Sell)
Gage May (Robbery)
Chasity McKnight (Dangerous Drugs)
Robert Minor (Probation Violation/Fraud)
Christopher Nolen (Lewd or Lascivious Acts)
Dewey Norton (Probation Violation/Kidnapping)
Montrell O'Neal (Dangerous Drugs)
Christopher Padilla (Resisting Officer)
Abimael Perez-Carmona (Probation Violation/Dangerous Drugs)
Wisline Pierre (Carrying Concealed Weapon)
Michael Pointer (Robbery)
Devon Powell (Dangerous Drugs)
Harry Reaves (Cocaine - Sell)
Jose Reyes (Dangerous Drugs)
Oscar Reyes (Cocaine - Possession)
Duwayne Roberts (Kidnapping)
Eddie Robinson (Probation Violation/Robbery)
Bonnie Salvagio (Robbery)
Broc Sangster (Dangerous Drugs)
Javar Scott (Probation Violation/Burglary)
Daryl Shipp (Cocaine -Possession)
Joeneather Singleton (Dangerous Drugs)
Bryan Smith (Cocaine -Possession)
Cashae Smith (Dangerous Drugs)
Glenn Smith (Cocaine - Sell)
Cassandra Spates (Dangerous Drugs)
Robert Stevenson (Cocaine - Possession)
Keith Stine (Probation Violation/Possession of Weapon)
Alicia Swartz (Lewd or Lascivious Acts with Minor)
Quincy Tarver (Possession of Weapon)
Robert Thomas (Probation Violation/Robbery)
Eddie Thompson (Cocaine - Sell)
Mason Tianello (Dangerous Drugs)
Norad Trung (Cocaine - Possession)
Eladio Valdes Gortes (Possession of Weapon)
Shadarius Ward (Sex Assault)
Alice Williams (Robbery)
Clarence Williams (Dangerous Drugs)
Detron Williams (Heroin - Sell)
Glorida Williams (Weapon Offense)
Terrence Williams (Dangerous Drugs)
Jadarious Wilson (Marijuana - Sell)
Joseph Wise (Dangerous Drugs)
Darian Woodard (Marijuana - Possession)