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11 year old in Estero published a book that he wrote and illustrated.

11 year old in Estero is a published author
11 year old in Estero, Florida is a published author.
Posted at 10:40 PM, Dec 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-08 22:54:33-05

ESTERO, Fla. — “So I got started by my mom telling me to go on Youtube to do art and occupy myself”, said Nalin Isme. An 11 year old published author.

At 5 years old one day Nalin Isme listened to his mom, using limited art supplies he didn’t know it would lead him here.

“So she gave me her art supplies when she was in high school so I had to use those but before that I was using crayons and printer paper,” said Isme.

Nailn started painting for fun but says he also used painting to help deal with his emotions.

“It was basically taking my anger out in the paper it came out really good and it made me feel better,” said Isme.

He is also a writer, starting also at age 5. One day after many years of working with paint he decided to combine his writings and his artwork into something for all to enjoy.

“When I got into 5th grade I was like oh I should but all of my books together and just make one book,” said Isme.

The book is titled Alphatales written and illustrated by Nalin. He added it was a great feeling to showcase his illustrations with his writings.

“It was cool to put my art inside the book instead of having the illustrator do everything,” said Isme.

Nalin says it’s cool to be able to achieve what he has but says he wouldn’t be here without his parents. His mom adds seeing him grow into the artist he is now.. makes her proud

“Its been interesting seeing him grow and mature into something the great,” said Nancy Isme

For an eleven year old he has achieved so much but says, two words perfectly describe it all.

“Its really joyful, really fun,” said Isme.