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'Fire and Fury' hits bookstores

Posted at 10:28 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 22:28:21-05

A book that claims to take you inside President Donald Trump's first year in the oval office hit bookstores across the country on Friday.

'Fire and Fury' had President Trump log onto his twitter and lash out at the author, Michael Wolff.

The president wrote, "I authorized zero access to White House (actually turned him down man times) for author of phony book! I never spoke to him for the book. Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist."

Wolff denies the President Trump's claim. His book got national attention including readers in Lee county.

Some researched it before it hit shelves.

"I was interested and went ahead and read some of the excerpts that were published, they were interesting. It was fun reading, but how accurate is it? Probably not quite so," said Steven Martin, who is the president of the Trump Republican Club of Lee County.

Martin says he doesn't plan on buying the book, but sees why there is a buzz about it.

"There's a core audience of people that I'm sure want to find a negative book about the President, and there's people who want to write that negative book," said Martin. "We'll see how successful it is," he added.

4 In Your Corner went to a local bookstore to see if people wanted a copy.

"I want to see what someone who was an insider had to say," said Pat Vonderheide, outside the Fort Myers Barnes and Noble. "I want to see how he thought he was doing," she added.

Some say they'd read it down the road, but weren't in a rush to pick up a copy.

"Since it's in the media, I think it would be interesting to see what it's all about," said Bob Armrine, another shopper.

Others did not plan to purchase it.

"I wouldn't support the book," said Dave Massey. "I think it's just a lot of propaganda," he added.

However this Barnes and Nobles sold out of copies.

"The lady told us about how they don't have any more copies of the book," said Emily Flaugher, next to her mother. "They're all sold out and everyone was buying it," she added.