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LIVE UPDATES: Election Day in Southwest Florida and across America

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Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 12:13:50-05


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November 3rd, 2020


Donald Trump wins Florida.


Donald Trump wins Iowa.


Donald Trump wins Montana.


Joe Biden wins Minnesota.


Joe Biden wins Hawaii.


Florida voters did NOT approve to change Florida's primaries from a closed race to a "top-two system."


Florida voters have approved to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2026


Donald Trump wins Utah.


Joe Biden wins Washington.


Joe Biden wins Oregon.


Donald Trump wins Idaho.


Joe Biden wins California.


Joe Biden wins New Hampshire.


Former college football coach Tommy Tuberville wins U.S. Senate seat for Republicans defeating Sen. Doug Jones in Alabama.


Senator Lindsay Graham will keep his senate seat in South Carolina. Long-time Republican Senator Graham was challenged by Democrat Jaime Harrison.


Donald Trump wins Missouri.


Bobby Bennett wins the DeSoto County Superintendent of Schools race.


Donald Trump wins Kansas.


Joe Biden wins Colorado.


Joe Biden wins the District of Columbia.


Alice Barfield wins the Glades County Superintendent of Schools race.


James Potter wins re-election in DeSoto County.


Michael Swindle wins the Hendry County Superintendent of Schools race


Ray Sandelli wins the Lee County Board of County Commissioners District 3 race


Donald Trump wins Nebraska.


Joe Biden wins New Mexico.


Donald Trump wins Louisiana.


Donald Trump wins Wyoming.


Donald Trump wins South Dakota.


Joe Biden wins New York.


Donald Trump wins North Dakota.


Donald Trump wins Indiana.


Donald Trump wins Arkansas.


The Associated Press reports Joe Biden wins New Jersey.

8:22 p.m.

Johnny Streets wins Fort Myers City Council Ward 2 seat.

8:21 p.m.
Kevin Anderson wins the Fort Myers Mayoral race.

8:07 p.m.

Rick Steinmeyer wins City of Bonita Springs mayoral race.

7:58 p.m.

7:34 p.m.

7:33 p.m.

The Associated Press reports Bryon Donalds has won the Florida 19th Congressional District.

7:07 p.m.

CNN's reporting that the Trump campaign has "expressed confidence" that turnout on Election Day would boost their vote count.

6:23 p.m.

President Trump tweets "We are looking really good all over the country. Thank you!".

6:15 p.m.
Multiple secretaries of state in battleground states are reporting misleading robocalls. Those calls instruct people to stay home Tuesday. Leaders are now concerned that those calls are misleading spreading misinformation on Election Day.

6:04 p.m.

FOX 4's Rochelle Alleyne reports that Collier County's canvassing board is vetting ballot signature issues.

5:58 p.m.

Collier County surpasses its 2016 voter turnout.

1:58 p.m.

FOX 4's Sandra Rodriguez is in Charlotte County bringing you updates from the polls. She confirm the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections says
it has experienced no technical issues Tuesday. They're also reporting 73% voter turnout.

1:57 p.m.

On an Election Day conference call with reporters, the California Democrat said “this election is about nothing less than taking back the soul of America, whether our nation will follow the voices of fear or whether we will choose hope.”
Pelosi and Rep. Cheri Bustos say the party is reaching deep into Trump country to win seats. Bustos is chair of the campaign arm for House Democrats, who are well positioned to try to add longtime GOP seats in Long Island, Arkansas, Indiana and rural Virginia.
Bustos says Democrats “are going to see some wins in those deep red districts.
Pelosi says she's confident Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will win the White House from President Donald Trump.
Biden has spent the day visiting Pennsylvania. Trump had a phone interview on Fox News Channel.

1:53 p.m.
A U.S. District Judge has ordered that the USPS conduct a sweep of several mail sorting facilities on Tuesday to ensure that all mail-in ballots will be promptly delivered to state election boards.
In recent months, the USPS has come under criticism for attempting to implement policy changes that would lead to slower mail delivery.
While Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said those changes won't take place until after the election, reports indicate that USPS' on-time delivery of election material has dropped in the final days of voting.
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1:00 p.m.
Many people are asking how to track your ballot online.
Click here for more information.

12:47 p.m.

First lady Melania Trump has cast her vote, stopping in at a voting center in Palm Beach, Florida, close to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.
Asked why she didn’t vote with the Republican president last week, the first lady told reporters on Tuesday: “It’s Election Day so I wanted to come here to vote today for the election.” -
First Lady Melania Trump voted Tuesday morning in Palm Beach.
The first lady is registered to vote at her address at the Mar-a-Lago Club, which makes her voting precinct at the Morton and Mandel Recreation Center.
President Trump voted in person last week at an early voting site in West Palm Beach.

12:33 p.m.

The Lee County Supervisors of Elections Office has notified the public that the second page of ballots with constitutuional amendments isn't being read by the tabulators at several precincts.
The office says they're investigating the issue.