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Carmine Marceno remains Sheriff in Lee County

Posted at 10:08 AM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 11:01:16-05


Carmine Marceno had the majority of votes, defeating three other candidates to remain Sheriff in Lee County.

This election was a first for Marceno, who was sworn in by former Gov. Rick Scott after Mike Scott resigned from the position in 2018.

Marceno held 67 percent of votes at 248,495. Robert Neeld followed with 102,799; Michael Qualls, 10,121; and Carmen McKinney 9,356 respectively.

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In the race for Lee County Sheriff, there are four candidates running.

Robert Neeld:
Democrat Robert Neeld is in the race for Lee County Sheriff.

Neeld is an accountant who has run twice for sheriff in previous years.

In an interview with FOX 4 earlier this year, he said he would rebuild the system if he were elected as sheriff.

He talked about "demilitarizing the department, de-escalate the violence and aggressiveness in which law enforcement is sometimes associated with.

Neeld also wasn't to update the department for the jobs that have been thrust upon it.

Michael "Coach" Ray Qualls:
Michael "Coach" Qualls is in the sheriff's race and is not affiliated with a political party.

Qualls is a U.S veteran and served in the Navy and reserves for 14 years. He also was a law enforcement officer for 21 years.

He says he was given the nickname coach because he's positively impacted people as their life coach.

He says he can save Lee County 20 million dollars by lowering the crime rate, and his mission on his website is clear.

"For law enforcement to lift people up, so they can be the best they can be."

Carmen McKinney:
Carmen McKinney is a former LCSO Commander and Major.

He is a Republican running as an NPA.

McKinney served 43 years in governmental positions.

He says it's an honor, integrity, and a sense of duty to run.

McKinney is also committed to balanced duties, Increase efficacy, and community involvement.

On his website, he says he intends to fully integrate community policing and have the patrol deputy and members of the LCSO interact with the community.

Carmine Marceno:
Interim Sheriff Carmine Marceno is representing the Republican Party in this race.

He won the Republican primary in August.

In 2018 he was appointed by Governor Scott to succeed Sheriff Mike Scott.

Previously serving as Under Sheriff.

Sheriff Marceno more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.

On his website, he says his mission is to "Safeguard lives and property; respectfully enforce the laws of the land; and, work cooperatively to lessen the impact of crime on the lives of residents and visitors in Lee County."