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Lee County School District steps up school safety

Posted at 4:05 PM, Aug 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 16:05:13-04

The Lee County School District is preparing for students to return Friday. One of the ways teachers and staff are preparing is through increased security measures at all Lee County Schools. Teacher training, new camera systems and student resource officers are just a few of the things being put in place for the new school year. 

“I know that we're doing everything that we possibly can do to make sure that our students are safe”, Ed Matthews told 4 In Your Corner. 

He's the principal at South Fort Myers High School and his third year on the job. He says he's looking forward to a calm academic term' the increased security measures are part of the reason why. Red lock doors give teachers the power to lock the door from the inside.

At the front door, a video camera security system has been installed. Visitors can only use one door to enter the building when school is in session, and they have to show an ID before the receptionist lets anyone inside. Students can also expect to see armed student resource officers on campus. The Director of Safety and Security for Lee County Public Schools, Ray Parfitt, says it's something being put in place at every school in the district. 

He told Fox 4, “It protects the school, the kids.”

Parfitt says he wants to make sure the measures being taken to protect students are not just reactive. He described an increased effort to train teachers on what to spot in the classrooms when it comes to troubled behavior. He wants to make sure that the same training is applied to all faculty and staff at schools in Lee County. 

“We need to train all of our staff members, teachers... Everybody involved in the district on what to look for.”