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Wounded Warriors of Collier County reopens Alpha House transitional home

Former transitional home resident and team help rebuild the, "Alpha House," in Collier County that has transitioned veterans back into the community since 2020, "It stands for hope and health."
Posted at 4:55 PM, Feb 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-27 16:55:43-05

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — On Monday afternoon, the Wounded Warriors of Collier County reopened one of their Transitional Homes, the "Alpha House," after it was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

At the time, current residents of the home had to be immediately evacuated and rehoused until the house was once again livable.

That's when Scott Williams, a former Alpha House resident said it was a no-brainer to put a roof over the heads of the men and women transitioning, as he was once in their shoes.

"People are happy to be a part of this, because what more in life is better than to help somebody else," Willams said graciously.

Williams who now has his own maintenance business, says he and five others got together and worked hard to restore the home back to its full glory after it had received five feet of storm surge and severe damage.

"We all wanted to be here, no one was looking at their watches trying to see when they could go home. They helped me out, so I gotta be able to reach out back and give back," said Williams.

Dale Mullin, with the Wounded Warriors of Collier County, says that the organization and veterans are thankful to Willams and his team for restoring the home so quickly. But it's not just the organization who is thankful, with the generosity of the donors, the veterans are thankful to the community.

"They see the outpouring of the community, that people care and that people are not just kicking them to the curb," said Mullin.

Mullins, referring to Williams as the Knight in shining armor, says the Alpha House and others like it represent help and hope.

"To be here is a Blessing, I wouldn't be here if God wasn't at the center of all this. What more in life, is there better than to help somebody else and just everybody, you know if there’s a group of veterans and people that had the heart to help other people," said Williams.