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The Jung Fire is 90 percent contained and remains at 300 acres

Posted at 10:35 PM, Mar 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-07 11:55:00-05

COLLIER COUNTY, FLA — The Jung Fire is 90% contained and remains at 300 acres. Let's take a look at the damage assessment tonight - two homes were destroyed and 3 others with minor damages. Cars were destroyed, and boats as well as jet skis and utility trailers. The cause of the Jung Fire was due to a power line coming in contact with a tree, according to officials.

Officials tell us we are entering a dryer and hotter season than normal so we asked those officials what can we all do going forward to try and prevent these types of fires from spreading.

Michael Harris, the Mitigation Specialist of Florida Forest Services in the Caloosahatchee District explains, "With all the hurricane damage that we had making sure addresses are back on houses and mailboxes because if they do call that also shortens our response time if we have to locate a certain address."

Along with making sure you clean the roofs of your homes and gutters - get rid of any dead leaves... debris that could also get ambers on it and possibly spread more of a fire. Also, replace or repair any shingles or roof tiles. Make sure you have 30 feet of defensible space.

Harris says the prediction is all the way through May... a potential for an increase in fire danger.

Heather Mazurkiewicz, the PIO of North Collier Fire District says, "There have been crews constantly on the scene since Friday. We brought in some crews so we had the staffing to be able to take care of the rest of the district and then the staffing just to focus on what is happening with the Jung Fire."

Crews continue to work the area as they continue to put water throughout these neighborhoods here around Wilson Boulevard.

"With the wind that we have right now we just need to be really careful with that as dry as it is outside," says Mazurkiewicz. Also adding that this fire was so unusual as it spread quickly from 15 acres to 300 as it jumped over Immokalee Road and spread further.

Tonight officials with Florida Forest Service say crews will remain throughout the area until they are comfortable that it will not jump containment so they could be out for a few days or a week.