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Teen arrested at Collier fair after allegedly firing a gun

Posted at 4:19 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 05:41:29-04

NAPLES, Fla. — An 18-year-old has been arrested after allegedly firing and pointing a gun at two people saying "You better tell your boss to watch it", at the Collier Fair in Naples.

On Wednesday, Collier County Sheriff's deputies were working the fair when they received a call to come to the front gate.

A man who reportedly was out towards the back where employees work said he saw another man and a woman arguing. He told the deputy that as the couple started arguing he went to see if everything was okay and when he did the other man, identified as Caleb Hamm, allegedly pulled out a pistol from his backpack and said “You better tell your boss to watch out!”.

According to the report, Hamm then fired a round and left the area.

Deputies then had the victim take them over to the scene of where the incident happened and as they were approaching the area, they allegedly saw a man and woman arguing by a silver passenger car.

The victim told deputies that the man by the silver car is the man who pointed a gun at him.

Deputies secured Hamm in handcuffs and investigated the area; as deputies were investigating they found
a bullet — a 9 mm casino bullet.

According to the report, deputies also found another person Hamm allegedly pointed a gun at saying, “You better tell your boss to watch out!”

Both the victims said they feared for their lives at that moment and want to press charges on Hamm.

Several other carnival workers allegedly said they heard gunshots go off but did not see anything.

Hamm was detained along with his fully loaded firearm; investigators suspect it to be a “Ghost Gun” which is a privately made gun according to the report.

Hamm was arrested and sent to Naples Jail Center.