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St. Matthews House struggles for donations amid food inflation

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Posted at 5:40 PM, Sep 13, 2022

NAPLES, Fla. — The news out today on food and inflation is even more staggering. The Federal Government reports food costs are up more than 11%, year-to-year.

The basics -- eggs, flour, milk, and bread all much higher than that.

We got a chance to look at the need St. Matthew’s House is still trying to meet throughout Southwest Florida – even as getting that food is now more difficult.

Nearly 240 families came by Naples appliance church on Tuesday and St. Matthew's House says this was one of the smaller distribution events – and now the issue is on the supply end.

“The increase in the demand is still here. but we are not seeing the increase in our food donations,” Lorna McLain, Director of Food Assistance Program, said.

McLain says St. Matthew's House is feeding more than 20,000 families each month.

“Our donations are not as fast as they are going out the door,” McLain said.

The reason for this is because of the cost of food.

On Tuesday, The Bureau of Labor Statistics said food is up 11.4 percent -- its highest rate of inflation since 1979. McClain says this makes it a struggle for them to help families.

“We’re asking for families, businesses, anyone who is willing to help us out right now, please host a food drive or donate to the cause right now,” McLain said.

St. Matthew's is holding two more events this week, including a Friday morning event at The Golden Gate Senior Center in Naples, for older Floridians.

Anyone looking to help donate is encouraged to contact the St. Matthews House.