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Naples Zoo ocelot euthanized after renal disease complications

Posted at 5:27 AM, Nov 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-22 05:27:46-05

NAPLES, Fla. — Taz, a 22-year-old ocelot, passed away due to complications from end-stage renal disease earlier this month, the Naples Zoo announced.

The zoo says Taz was humanely euthanized on Nov. 3. Officials said Taz had surpassed the median life expectancy for animals of his type in human care.

"Following a routine veterinary exam, it was discovered that Taz had become severely anemic secondary to his end-stage renal disease," the zoo said in a Facebook statement. "Unfortunately, his body did not respond to treatment."

Taz and his mate, Belize, were named ambassadors in the Safari Canyon program at the zoo. They were retired from the program in 2018 but remained on the property in a behind-the-scenes capacity.

Zoo officials said Belize is being closely monitored for behavioral changes connected to the loss of her mate.

"She is getting extra enrichment and interaction to ensure her needs continue to be met," the zoo said.