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Naples Pride under scrutiny as part of broader review of city events

Posted at 6:27 PM, Aug 16, 2022

NAPLES, Fla. — After a Naples City Council meeting turned contentious yesterday over the public commenting on whether children should be allowed to attend drag queen shows, Naples Mayor Teresa Heitmann says that their annual Pride event will be reviewed, along with all other city events.

Mayor Heitmann specified that city staff is reviewing all special events put on by the city for "size and location".

“As a parent, if I was in the park and didn’t know what was going on that day - I would have inadvertently exposed my daughter to that. And that’s where I find the issue. I’m not sure if the city council is willing or able to do anything about that," says Naples parent, Dan Cook.

This came up after performances at the Naples Pride last month - and now, another call from some to ban children from watching these performances.

Cook went as far as presenting a petition to the city council.

“Really consider putting something on the books, just to protect the children," says Cook.

Nicki Brock, a board member of Naples Pride, says the group doesn't plan on doing anything differently after Monday's comments.

“Any kids that were there - their parents brought them. These kids didn’t just magically appear," said Brock. “If they’re advertised as family-friendly, they’ll continue to be family-friendly. And if they’re not - they won’t be. But nothing is going to change.”

No changes seem to be coming from Naples City Council, as a possible ban on children attending drag shows isn't scheduled to be discussed anytime soon.

Naples President Cori Craciun says she understands their event will be reviewed as part of a general review of the city's events, and will wait to see what the review actually says.