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Homeowner says persistent flooding creating unsafe conditions in Golden Gate Estates

Flooding on Everglades Boulevard
Posted at 4:48 PM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 19:27:03-04

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. — On Friday, Carlos Pastor, who lives off Everglades Boulevard in Golden Gate Estates, said flooding in the area has been persistent for months.

“Even alligators, we found one in the corner,” said Pastor.

On Friday, signs of a flooding problem were posted on Everglades Boulevard, alerting drivers about the flooded street.

“Every day it's like that,” said Pastor.

Everyday problems, span over several months according to Pastor.

“You can see it right there all over the road, and it's been like that since yesterday,” said Pastor.

An afternoon storm on Thursday, left the swale and road in front of Pastor's house, filled to the top with water.

An issue Pastor said Collier County tried to fix by re-digging his swale about one month ago.

“It was better for a couple of days because it wasn't raining but when we started getting the heavy rain all that water you see on the street, it's coming down this way,” said Pastor.

The flooding issue, Pastor says impacts almost everyone in his area, including his neighbors.

“This guy got water all the way down the side there all the way to the back,” said Pastor.

On Friday, pools of water were seen stretching to the end of Pastor's street, where they covered most of Everglades Boulevard.

"If a big truck comes up at 30 MPH and will splash all that water like 100 gallons of water into your windshield, so you get blind,” said Pastor.

A problem Fox 4 reached out to Collier County, to ask about the flooding conditions.

Connie Deane, a spokesperson for Collier County, in part, sent Fox 4 this statement:

The area has water over the roadways and that water runs into the swales (the intended purpose of the swales is to collect stormwater) and it takes some time for the stormwater to progress through the swales/stormwater system and into the canals. Road Maintenance crews are working on checking the swales and unplugging any blockages located.
Connie Deane Community and Media Relations Section

On Friday, Pastor said he hopes the county will act soon, afraid of what a heavier storm during hurricane season, will bring.

“It will be devastating; it will be devastating,” said Pastor.