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PUNTA GORDA | Why is a 60-ton Army tank in this parking lot?

American Legion Post 103 leaders say the moving company didn't finish the job
Posted at 10:28 PM, Oct 26, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-26 22:33:35-04

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. — A war tank is on the American Legion Post 103's property. The organization has been on the Army's wait list for 12 years before it was finally able to get one. Now, it's running into issues, with a hefty price tag.

The Army called John Dollinger with the Legion in July.

"They came to us about 4 months ago and said hey we have one, it was in Titusville, Florida," he said.

Ken Lampkin is also a member of the Legion who says the tank is a visual way to honor those who went to war.

"Many of the people who are members here have been tank core members," Lampkins said.

The organization spent $15,000 to build the slab for the tank and paid $20,000 to a moving company to transport to the center of the slab.

However, the tank has been sitting nearly 50 feet away in the parking lot. It's members cannot drive it to the slab because it will break the sidewalk that perimeters the center.

"Our agreement with the transportation company was to bring it to Punta Gorda and place it on the slab. They were gonna to that by crane," Dollinger said.

Legion members claim the transportation company didn't bring a crane to move the tank to this slab, despite the $20,000 payment.

"They just put it here in the middle of the parking lot and we have not been able to talk to them since," Dollinger said.

Now with the Legion out $35,000, Dollinger and Lampkin say it's been since the August 25 since they've been able to reach the movers.

They are basically ignoring their contract and ignoring the paperwork," Dollinger said.

They're hoping this story gets their attention, to honor the veterans.