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Mobile barbershop changing the haircutting experience

Posted at 5:10 AM, Sep 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-16 05:10:34-04

CHARLOTTE CO., Fla. — A Punta Gorda barber is changing the haircutting experience as we know it.

It’s called Brito’s Mobile Barbershop and — just as the name implies — it’s helping those look fresh on the go.

"Every day I do like 9 to 10 clients a day.”

In this barber’s chair, Omar Brito is busy making a passion into a living.

“I tried it with my brother and friends, and they told me, ‘Hey- you’re good to do this! You go to the school and do this you can make money,’" says Omar Brito, Owner of Brito’s Mobile Barbershop. "And that’s it — I started.”

Brito has been cutting hair as a barber for six years. But it wasn’t until two months ago he expanded his operation on wheels.

"This project has been like seven months of working on it with my dad, my family ... having the support of my family. Everything is going well.”

It's officially known as Brito’s Mobile Barbershop, as he works out of this specially designed trailer. Where clients are treated to their very own private haircut. Just a seat, a few razors, and — of course — a little music.

"This is like more for the customer. Every customer is only the customer right here and the barber. In the shop, you can hear all the barbers or all the clients. That’s the difference… that’s the difference.”

All you have to do is ask one of Brito’s clients what the experience is like.

“He does a really nice job," said Nestor Marcano, client & Omar’s cousin. "The superman of barbers or something like that!”

And Brito understands just how important he is for his clients: a special bond that is only known between client and barber.

"The client- I’m very important for them and they are very important for me. You go to your job, and you want to look fresh, look good and that’s why I’m here for them.”

Brito’s Mobile Barbershop posts its current location on its social media pages daily. If you’re interested in learning more, or interested in getting a haircut, you can find him on Instagram.