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World Central Kitchen demands independent investigation after strike

The aid organization said an attack by Israeli forces "targeted three WCK vehicles," killing seven workers.
World Central Kitchen demands independent investigation after strike
Posted at 8:16 AM, Apr 04, 2024

World Central Kitchen is demanding an independent investigation after seven of its relief workers were killed in a strike by Israeli forces on Monday while providing aid to displaced Gazans. 

The organization said that the relief workers were nationals of Australia, Canada/U.S. (dual citizen), Gaza, Poland, and the United Kingdom. World Central Kitchen said it has asked the governments of Australia, Canada, the U.S., Poland, and the U.K. to join it in demanding an independent investigation. 

"This was a military attack that involved multiple strikes and targeted three WCK vehicles. All three vehicles were carrying civilians; they were marked as WCK vehicles; and their movements were in full compliance with Israeli authorities, who were aware of their itinerary, route, and humanitarian mission," said World Central Kitchen executives Erin Gore and Javier Garcia in a joint statement. 

Gore and Garcia also called on Israel to "immediately preserve all documents, communications, video and/or audio recordings, and any other materials potentially relevant to the April 1 strikes."

World Central Kitchen has said that it is suspending relief work in Gaza.

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For its part, the Israel Defense Forces said it is investigating the incident.

"We have been reviewing the incident in the highest levels to understand the circumstances of what happened and how it happened," said IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari. "We will be opening a probe to examine this serious incident further. This will help us reduce the risk of such an event from occurring again."

U.S. officials said that there have been "too many civilian casualties," but will continue to stand by Israel in its fight against Hamas. That fight has caused most Gaza residents to be displaced. 

Israel has been engaged in a fight against Hamas since last October's terror attack on Israel. 

"We're going to continue to support them.  No country should have to live like that.  No country should have to be attacked, like they were on the 7th of October, with 1,200 people slaughtered," said John Kirby, U.S. national security communications adviser. "At the same time, as a modern military and a democracy, they have obligations to the innocent people of Gaza.  And they have not always met those obligations."

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