Tony's take on Rowing: Don't be fooled!

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 17:03:45-04
It may look and sound as easy as "row, row, row your boat," but don't be fooled!
Rowing is a sport that may not get the attention of the NBA Finals or NFL Super Bowl but the activity is not only challenging, it's also one heck of a workout! It's an all encompassing exercise that tests the strength of your legs, arms and back.
"Keeps you in unbelievable physical condition. We highly recommend it for everybody," said Joe Guttieri, head coach of the Caloosa Coast Rowing Club. At age 62, he's not joking!
The hardest part for me was synchronizing all of the movements individually and keeping the same pace as all the other rowers. But at the same time, i loved the feeling of being out on the water getting a solid workout!
Rowing is an original Olympic sport and Cape Coral is third best place to do it, according to the Rower's Almanac.
Huge thanks to the Caloosa Coast Rowing Club for inviting me out to the beautiful Cape Harbour as they hosted the 15th annual National Learn to Row Day and gave free lessons to nearly 100 beginners like myself.
I still find it ironic that this "national day" follows National Donut Day, aka my favorite day of the year!
If you're ever interested to learn more, check them out! They're always open to new rowers!