TROPICS UPDATE: Invest 93L entering the southern Gulf

TROPICS UPDATE: We continue to monitor Invest 93L entering the southern Gulf. Chances are still high that we will have tropical development soon. The system is currently battling upper level wind shear (unfavorable for organization) and is taking on a ragged and disorganized appearance. Most of the wind and shower/thunderstorm activity is on the east side of the low level center (LLC).

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The system will continue moving northward in the coming days and should stay far enough west of Southwest Florida to not be a huge issue for us. Deep tropical moisture on the east side of the circulation will add some extra "juice" to the thunderstorms we see today and Tuesday leading to some localized heavier rainfall but I don't expect much more than that here. The northern Gulf Coast however, from the Florida Panhandle to Louisiana will see significant rainfall and flooding potential.

Potential Tropical Cyclone 2 (the National Hurricane Center is for the first time issuing advisories for storms that haven't formed yet) will quickly move westward toward Trinidad and Tobago bringing tropical storm conditions there. The storm will dissipate later this week and will NOT be a threat to Florida.

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