Isaac dissipates in the Caribbean

UPDATE 9/15/18 8 PM EDT

As expected, strong wind shear has torn apart the tiny storm that was Isaac. Isaac has dissipated in the Caribbean and the National Hurricane Center is now giving it a 20% chance of redeveloping over the next 5 days. Remants of Isaac should continue moving west with no impacts to Florida expected.

UPDATE 9/14/18 11 AM EDT

Bands of rain continue to impact the Lesser Antilles this morning as Tropical Depression Isaac continues west through the Caribbean. Maximum winds are sustained at 35 mph.

UPDATE 9/14/18 5 AM EDT

Isaac has weakened to a Tropical Depression with wind of 35 mph in the Caribbean. Bands of rain continue over the Lesser Antilles this morning, but Isaac is forecast to continue weakening while tracking west and could degenerate into a tropical wave at any time. 

UPDATE 9/13/18 5 PM EDT

Isaac remains a rather disorganized tropical storm and has weakened some more. Max winds now are at 40 mph as the system moves west at 16 mph. Isaac will encounter more wind shear and could weaken to a tropical depression in the Caribbean as early as Friday.

UPDATE 9/13/18 11 AM EDT

Isaac is moving through the eastern Caribbean with winds of 45 mph. Isaac is forecast to gradually weaken as it tracks west. 

UPDATE 9/13/18 5 AM EDT

Isaac is expected to bring Tropical Storm conditions to the Leeward Islands today with gusty winds and rainfall through today. Issac will continue to weaken as it tracks west through the eastern Caribbean.

UPDATE 9/12/18 11 PM EDT

Isaac has weakened some more this evening and continues to struggle to organize. Top winds are now at 50 mph, moving west at 20 mph. It is expected to impact the Leeward Islands on Thursday before moving into the Caribbean. If Isaac holds together, it should gradually dissipate by early next week.

UPDATE 9/12/18 8 PM EDT

Isaac remains a poorly organized tropical storm dealing with wind shear. Max winds are 60 mph and the storm is racing west at 20 mph. Additional shear on Isaac's track may continue to weaken the system as it approaches the Lesser Antilles. However, the storm may find a more conducive environment in the Caribbean and restrengthen. The long range forecast of Isaac is still uncertain so check back for updates.

UPDATE 9/12/18 11 AM EDT

Sustained winds have held at 60 mph for Tropical Storm Isaac as it continues to track west at 17 mph. Weakening is expected over the next 72 hours, but Tropical Storm conditions are still expected to impact the Lesser Antilles by early tomorrow. Isaac is expected to continue weakening as it tracks into the eastern Caribbean. 

UPDATE 9/12/18 5 AM EDT

Tropical Storm Isaac continues to weaken while tracking west toward the Lesser Antilles. Winds are now down to 60 mph with additional weakening forecast today and tomorrow. Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings are in place with impacts expected in the Lesser Antilles on Thursday. 

UPDATE 9/11/18 11 AM EDT

Isaac remains a Tropical Storm with winds of 70 mph tracking west at 16 mph toward the Lesser Antilles. A Hurricane Watch is in effect for Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Dominica, with a Tropical Storm Watch in place for Antigua and Montserrat. Issac is expected to remain a strong Tropical Storm as it approaches the islands Thursday night with gradual weaken forecast on Friday. 

UPDATE 9/11/18 5 AM EDT

Isaac remains a strong Tropical Storm over the central Tropical Atlantic with winds of 70 mph. Little change in strength is expected over the next few days and Isaac is expected to remain a strong Tropical Storm, near hurricane strength, while approaching the Lesser Antilles on Thursday. 

UPDATE 9/10/18 11 AM EDT

Hurricane Isaac is holding strength with winds of 75 mph while moving west at 14 mph. Additional strengthening is expected in the next day or two, but gradual weakening is expected by midweek as Isaac approaches the Lesser Antilles. Isaac is expected to move into the eastern Caribbean Sea on Thursday. 

UPDATE 9/10/18 5 AM EDT

Hurricane Isaac is holding steady with winds of 75 mph while tracking west at 13 mph through the Atlantic. Isaac is expected to pass over the Lesser Antilles and into the eastern Caribbean Sea on Thursday. Additional strengthening is expected over the next couple of days but weakening is forecast by midweek as the hurricane approaches the Lesser Antilles. 

UPDATE 9/9/19 11 PM EDT

Isaac has strengthened to a hurricane as of the latest advisory. Isaac is a very small hurricane with top winds are 75 mph, moving west at 14 mph. Isaac becomes the 5th hurricane of the season. The official forecast track still has Isaac approaching the Lesser Antilles by the middle of the week, with some additional strengthening possible before then. Once Isaac moves into the Caribbean, strong wind shear will gradually weaken the storm.

UPDATE 9/9/19 5 PM EDT

Isaac remains a tropical storm as of the latest advisory with top winds of 70 mph, moving west at 12 mph. Isaac is very close to being a hurricane and could reach hurricane status by late tonight or Monday as it continues to move in an environment of warm water and low wind shear. Isaac will continue moving westward and could impact the Lesser Antilles by the middle of the week. Forecast models show Isaac will likely weaken by the end of the week as it moves into the Caribbean, where strong wind shear will work against the storm. At this time, Isaac is no threat to the United States.

UPDATE 9/9/19 1 PM EDT

Isaac is expected to intensify this week and could become a hurricane in a couple of days. It is expected to be a hurricane as it heads toward the Lesser Antilles by mid-week. Forecast models are expecting strong wind shear in the Caribbean to begin impacting the storm as it travels deeper into the Caribbean. Weakening is expected once it encounters this wind shear, and dissipation is possible before it reaches Central America. There are NO indications this storm will be a threat to Florida at this time. 



Tropical Depression 9 has become Tropical Storm Isaac in the Atlantic. Isaac is expected to slowly intensify through the mid-week as is approaches the Lesser Antilles. Forecast models are weakening the storm once it enters the Caribbean due to persistent strong upper-level wind shear that continues across the region. This wind shear is expected to weaken the storm, possibly leading to dissipation by the end of the week. We'll keep an eye on it and give you the latest as it develops. 


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