Tropical Storm Chris forms in the Atlantic

TUESDAY JULY 10TH 5AM UPDATE: Although strengthening slightly, Chris is still considered a Tropical Storm with winds of 70mph off the coast of the Carolinas this morning. Strengthening is expected with Chris forecast to become a hurricane later today. A slight movement toward the northeast has developed and will continue to speed up in the next couple of days while tracking NE and staying off the US coast. There will be no impacts to southwest Florida.

MONDAY JULY 9TH 5AM UPDATE: Chris remains a tropical storm in the Atlantic off the coast of the Carolinas with wind speeds of 60 mph. Chris is staying fairly stationary, moving south at just 1 mph, with no significant position change expected over the next day or so. Chris is expected to strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane sometime today or tonight while staying offshore. The only hazards impacting land at this time are large swells and the threat for rip currents for coastal North Carolina, but Chris is expected to track NE away from the United States by the end of the week. Chris poses no threat to Southwest Florida. 

SUNDAY JULY 8TH 5PM UPDATE: Chris remains a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 50 mph parked off the coast of North Carolina. The system is expect to remain stationary over the next couple of days and likely strengthens into a hurricane by Monday. Chris should stay out over the water and then lift northeast by the middle of the week. No impacts to Southwest Florida expected.


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Tropical Depression #3 has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Chris as of Sunday morning. Max winds are at 40 mph and is expected to accelerate northeastward into the open Atlantic this week while strengthening. Chris could become a hurricane as early as Wednesday. The storm will then head into the north Atlantic where it will likely impact Labrador and Newfoundland late in the week. 

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