Hurricane storm surge dangers

When it comes to hurricanes, the greatest danger is not from winds, but from inundation of water caused by storm surge.

This happens when strong, circulating tropical force or hurricane force winds push water towards the shore.

This combined with tide cycle can cause water to rise 20 feet or higher along the coast, causing extensive damage.

Experts say living in Southwest Florida puts us at risk for storm surges. “Almost 50% of lives that are lost from any storm is from storm surge. Due to the very nature of our county, of Southwest Florida, it's especially susceptible to storm surge, says Rob Farmer, Lee County EOC Director.

If you live along the coast line, you are certainly susceptible to storm surge.  But people that live a few miles inland can also be vulnerable to the force of the wind and water. That's why it's important to have a plan and to respond to evacuation orders as quickly as possible.


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