Chris Weakens Again to a Tropical Storm; Headed Out to Sea

UPDATE 5 AM THURSDAY: Chris has now weakened to a Tropical Storm with winds of 70 mph. Chris is forecast to continue weakening while tracking NE and is expected to become post-tropical later today. No threat to the U.S., but Chris will pass close to the southeastern part of Newfoundland and could produce 1-3" of rain there today. 

UPDATE 11 AM WEDNESDAY: Hurricane Chris continues to accelerate to the northeast moving 22 MPH. Still a Category 2 storm, winds have backed off slightly to 100 mph. Weakening is forecast to begin tomorrow as Chris continues to track NE, passing near southeastern Newfoundland Thursday. No threat to the US.

UPDATE 8 AM WEDNESDAY: Hurricane Chris is holding steady as a Category 2 storm with winds of 105 mph off the east coast of the US. Chris poses no threat to the US as it continues out to sea, tracking northeast at 22 mph. A general increase in forward speed is expected in the coming days with weakening forecast by this weekend. 

Chris has been upgraded to a hurricane in the Atlantic off the North Carolina coast after languishing over cooler water over the past couple of days. The storm will accelerate away from the coast tonight through Wednesday before transitioning to post tropical low pressure area later in the week. The storm will pose no threat to the U.S. but may bring high winds and rain to Labrador later in the week. 



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