How to find which Florida evacuation zone you live in

Posted at 7:49 AM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 08:17:30-04

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA -- As of Thursday morning, there are no mandatory evacuations ordered in Southwest Florida as residents keep an eye on Hurricane Irma as it approaches the state.

But local officials do encourage residents to be proactive and leave the area before the storm hits. 

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Evacuation maps show color-coded areas for each zone.  "A" zones are in red and would be the first to evacuate.

Those are followed by the orange "B" zones, yellow "C" zones, green "D" zones, and purple "E" zones. has an online interactive map that displays statewide evacuation zones and allows users to zoom into their neighborhood to check their zone.

However, Collier County data is NOT included in that map.  More info on Collier evacuations can be found on their Emergency Management website, with more info here.

Lee County has their own interactive map of evacuation zones.

Charlotte County has an online map as well.


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