Hotels across SWFL nearly at capacity as residents flee hurricane Matthew

Posted at 11:13 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 11:25:49-04
Many Southwest Florida hotels are already booked to capacity as Hurricane Matthew threatens the state's eastern coast. 
Many grocery store shelves in West Palm Beach have been emptied of water as those in the cone of uncertainty brace for an impact from Hurricane Matthew. Some of them evacuating to Lee County. 
"There's this macho thing about riding out a hurricane, I think. I don't feel the need to prove my manhood anymore," said David. 
He left West Palm Beach County Wednesday afternoon, an area where over 100,000 people living along the coast were ordered to evacuate. 
"I didn't want to be there in an undetermined situation and as they say, power will probably go out over a lot of the county," said David.  
He was able to book one of the last available rooms at Casa Loma in Cape Coral, which is fully booked for the next two days. It's one of many motels and hotels across Lee County that were without vacancies Wednesday. 
A manager at the Holiday Inn Express along Cape Coral Parkway told Fox 4 they only had 5 rooms left. 
"Oh it's insane, it's absolutely insane. I thought I could book my room where I was for tomorrow," said Nikki Sullivan.
Sullivan was looking for a hotel room in Cape Coral for much of the day Wednesday. 
"I personally went through at least ten," said Sullivan.
She was only able to get a room for one night, and as more hotels fill up with people trying to avoid matthew she's hoping for the best. 
"At least tonight thank god I have a place, and then I don't know what I'm going to do, "said Sullivan.