Evacuees flocking to I75

Posted at 7:27 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 19:27:48-04

Many Southwest Florida residents are hitting the road early to get ahead of hurricane Irma while traffic is still pretty light on Interstate 75.

Some residents are learning from storms in the past and taking this one seriously.

"After 52 years, we're finally leaving for once," said Harry Alderman on his way to Georgia.

Richard Barrett and his wife are evacuating North saying, "I sat through Wilma and this is stronger, so I'm leaving."

Greg Bueno with Florida Highway Patrol says to stay calm and make a plan as soon as possible.

"Be proactive and don't run out of gas because know your vehicle," Bueno said.

He also said gas in high demand, so some gas stations won't have fuel available when evacuating, so make sure you fill up before your tank is almost empty.

If you do happen to run out of gas, Zach Burch from the Florida Department of Transportation said Road Rangers can be dialed at *FHP and can fill your tank with some gas to get you to the next exit.

"Our crews are ready. Our eqipment is ready. Our staff is ready," said Burch.

Law enforcement says they are doing everything they can to make sure traffic stays flowing as smoothly as possible.